Patrick, all of 23, to release autobiography

Danica Patrick will mark her return to the Indianapolis 500,
where she finished a remarkable fourth last season as a rookie, by
releasing her autobiography in the days leading up to the race.

"Danica Patrick: Crossing the Line" chronicles her life with tales from the track and insights into her personal life.

"Writing a book is a situation that I didn't think would come up so early in my life," she said. "I'm imagining that people think it's quite funny that I have a book out about my life that was finished when I was 23.

"I guess some people thought I had a story to tell, and I do."

Patrick collaborated with biographer Laura Morton, but said she
had total involvement in the project from selecting and captioning
the photos to ensuring that Morton's words met Patrick's approval.

"I was involved in every little bit," she said. "I think it's
very important for me, especially for me having a book about my
life, I want it to be correct and accurate. I've read every word in
the book a few times. That's important."

Patrick is hoping her return trip to Indy next month will give
her the material for a sequel.

Her time at the 500 last season cemented her as one of the most
recognizable faces in auto racing after she earned the best
starting position (fourth) and finishing position (fourth) by a
woman at Indianapolis. She also became the first woman to lead the

This time around she hopes to improve from lessons learned last
season, and perhaps even win the race.

"Hopefully there will be fewer mistakes," Patrick said. "I
definitely made a couple of mistakes last year, but it's already
been better and I got better as last season went on. I think you
have to see how the month unfolds.

"You have to stay in the game and stay up front and make the
most of every opportunity that you can."