Kris Bryant happy to clear the air with Yadier Molina over comments about St. Louis

MESA, Ariz. -- Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant said he's more than happy to clear the air with Yadier Molina after offseason comments made by Bryant about the city of St. Louis raised the ire of the Cardinals' All-Star catcher.

In a comedy sketch with former Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster last month, Bryant called St. Louis "boring," something Molina took exception to.

"It (Molina's reaction) did take me by surprise," Bryant said as the Cubs began full squad workouts Monday. "I wasn't attacking his family, the organization or anything. ... You never know how people will react to what you say. That's how he looked at it."

Molina claimed at the time that "only stupid players and losers" make fun of other cities.

"It's good for the rivalry," Bryant said with a smile. "It was totally taken out of context. I think we all know that. It was a comedy show."

Bryant made the comments as he was being "interviewed" by Dempster in a "Tonight Show" type of setting. Both took shots at St. Louis, and the sketch immediately went viral.

"I was caught off guard," Bryant said. "I was thinking to myself, 'what really happened?' You never want to say the wrong thing. I think I've done a good job on the field to earn the respect of the players around the league, I do things the right way. I treat people the right way. I know I'm a good person."

Bryant has heard from many people telling him about things to do in St. Louis. He said he may take that advice to heart when the Cubs play there next.

"I might have to explore a little bit when I get there," he stated. "I heard there were some more things to do there, which I might actually try to get out and do."

Teammate Anthony Rizzo got a kick out of the whole ordeal.

"I was kind of shocked, especially because of the respect Yadi has for us as a team and the way we play and the respect we have for the Cardinals," Rizzo said. "It was definitely not a dig at the St. Louis Cardinals. He just doesn't like going to St. Louis.

"There are some cities I don't like going to, but I'll never say that," he added with a laugh.

Rizzo was asked what he likes to do in St. Louis.

"I go to the casino," he responded.