The most disappointing moves of baseball's offseason

What does trading Betts, Price mean for the Red Sox in 2020? (0:47)

Tim Kurkjian breaks down Boston's outlook for this season now that the team has traded Mookie Betts and David Price to the Dodgers. (0:47)

Life isn't a zero-sum game, but baseball certainly is. We mostly focus on teams getting better in the form of big signings and giant trades, but for any team to improve, another team has to get worse. There are 2,430 wins out there on the schedule, and if your team gets better, you have to get those additional wins from someone.

Whether through poor evaluation of players, lack of willingness to invest in the team or simply downright self-sabotage, bad moves have been made. Here are our picks for baseball's most disappointing offseason moves, in terms of winning games in 2020.