College basketball coach carousel: Every job and coach to keep an eye on

Steve Alford kicked off the carousel's spin with his December 2018 ouster from UCLA. Quinn Harris/Icon Sportswire

The coaching carousel has already started spinning. UCLA gave it the push in December, and Kennesaw State, Tennessee Tech and Stetson all joined the Bruins in recent weeks.

It's unclear what sort of hiring-and-firing season it's going to be. There aren't too many high-major jobs guaranteed to open, but if dominoes fall certain ways, we could have three or four of the 15 best jobs in the sport available in a few weeks. There's also a second trial stemming from the FBI investigation coming in April that has people wondering what will come out in court and which coaches it might affect.

To get you prepared for the next two months of coaching changes, here's a look at the biggest storylines, jobs and names to watch.


1. FBI investigation: While Rick Pitino and a handful of assistant coaches have lost their jobs due to the FBI's investigation of corruption in college basketball, everyone is sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop. The "sky is falling" narrative from a year ago has yet to come to fruition. Will it ever? Recent reports that Arizona's Sean Miller and LSU's Will Wade are expected to be subpoenaed to testify in April at the next federal trial have brought the story back into focus. Miller has been under fire for more than a year now, but the school has maintained a strong backing of its head coach. Wade's name came up in October's trial in relation to agent-runner Christian Dawkins, but he said he has "never, ever done any business of any kind with" Dawkins. Is either at risk? Is anyone else?