Preseason Giant Killers: Four teams that could cause trouble in March

Loyola-Chicago's upsets became a major storyline in last season's NCAA tournament. Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Welcome to the first 2018-19 installment of Giant Killers, ESPN.com's venerable vertical that has been fearlessly forecasting NCAA tournament upsets since the days when people still used rebound margin and the RPI.

What's that you say? It's far too early to be forecasting upsets for the 2019 tournament? We here at GK HQ refuse to listen to such radical talk.

November is the ideal time to see the big picture. Sure, we don't know the bracket yet, but the essentials are more or less the same annually. Giant Killers are exceptionally good teams from (often, but not always) outside the major conferences.

A quick reminder on terminology. Strictly speaking, a Giant Killer is a team that wins an NCAA tournament game against an opponent seeded at least five lines higher.

Now then, here are four teams that look like they could do that definition proud in March: