Source: Alabama's Antonio Alfano in transfer portal month after dad's tweets

Alabama defensive lineman Antonio Alfano has officially entered the NCAA transfer portal, a source told ESPN.

The true freshman was the No. 28 recruit in the 2019 class out of Colonia High School in Colonia, New Jersey, and was the fourth-highest-ranked recruit for the Crimson Tide. Alfano's father, Frankie, tweeted Sept. 13 that his son would enter the transfer portal and had the option of staying at Alabama.

While supportive of his son's decision, Frankie said in the same tweet that his preference was that Antonio stay at Alabama. Despite those tweets, Antonio Alfano's name didn't show up in the NCAA's transfer portal list until Wednesday.

As time went on following his father's original tweet and Alfano's name was absent from the transfer portal, Alabama coach Nick Saban addressed the issue Sept. 18, saying Alfano "basically quit."

Saban went on to say the defensive end stopped going to class and to the football facilities, and that Alabama tried to set up counseling for the first-year player.

"Until he responds, you just have to assume the guy quit," Saban said at the time.

Alfano's name is no longer listed on Alabama's official roster on the program's website, and since his name is officially in the transfer portal, Alfano is able to receive communication from other programs.

Alfano attended three different high schools, starting at Bergen Catholic, followed by Rahway High and eventually Colonia. He had been considering Penn State and Georgia along with Alabama before he committed during high school, but it is unknown at this time which teams might have interest in his transfer.